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Year 4


Mr Matthew Plenty - Year 4 Teacher

Mrs Sue Solway - Learning Support Assistant


Welcome to Year 4's class page for 2017-2018.

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All the children in Year 4 follow the Class Charter which was formed from the children’s ideas.

Everyone starts the session in green ‘I am following the class charter’.

  • Be a mature member of the class
  • Look after school equipment
  • Don’t give up – Try your best
  • Be a good friend – Help others
  • Manage your distractions
  • Walk sensibly around the classroom and the school
  • Share with others
  • show good listening skills
  • show respect to everyone
  • Take responsibility for our actions

This year we are working on MINDSET which helps change our thinking when we get confused or frustrated.

Each morning and afternoon the children have a visual timetable on the board.

Term Five

Our Maths learning this term is currently Area and Perimeter

During a lesson this week we looked at a Birdseye view of the classroom and worked out the area and perimeter of the room.

On Wednesday 18/4/18 we had a practical Maths lesson and Y4 measured the playground and playing field.

When we came in we had lots of maths to do to work out the ‘area and perimeter.’


Year 4 are investigating bridges. They built their own and tested their strength with different weights.

Year 4 created circus pictures in the style of Henri Matisse after reading this term Leon and the Place Between by Angela McAllister & Grahame Baker-Smith. 

Term Four

This week we have been revisiting decimals. 

On our learning wall we have our working model.  We use this when we get ‘stuck’.  It helps us to understand the ‘Place Value’ of decimals.

.Year 4 heard the story of ‘The Last Supper’ and wrote the, possible, thoughts of the people who were there.

Collective Class Worship

This term we are reading Leon and the Place Between by Angela McAllister & Grahame Baker-Smith

Year 4 painted a background and then drew their interpretation of Varjak Paw. 

In R.E. this week we heard the story of Palm Sunday. 

Here is one recount of the story.

Y4 have been studying the Ancient Egyptians and have designed their own headdresses.

Before lunch every day the children take it in turns to read a prayer.

To help, the children have written their own prayers and we have made them into a prayer book.  This is our second prayer book of the year.

Term Three

We wanted to share these outstanding examples of homework.

Basia and Dominika have every week completed their spellings in this way.  They write each word four times and choose 4 words to write in a sentence.  This shows us they understand what the word means.

This is how we would like everyone’s homework to be completed.


This week Year 4 have been learning the ‘Ladder Method’ to multiply 2 & 3 digit numbers by a 1 digit number.

Our Learning Wall has an example of a 2 digit number x 1 digit number.

Two of Year 4 demonstrate how to do this with a 3 digit number x 1 digit number.

After ‘Rocket Rachel’s’ amazing assembly she came to our classroom to do a sound workshop with us.

Year 4 composed poems about Varjak’s experiences when he found the ‘dogs’ to save the family.

We think you’ll agree they have written some powerful poems.


Our class book this term is Varjak Paw.

In today’s lesson the children were asked to write reasons why Varjak should STAY or Leave the place where he lives with his family.

To help their thought process Ava became Varjak and the rest of the class made two lines, one side put the argument for staying and the other side for leaving, Ava walked through the lines listening to all the arguments to help her make a decision.

Term Two


Some children receive extra maths support in Year 4 to help them consolidate their learning.

Today the children conquered finding fractions of numbers.

This week in maths we have been finding fractions of numbers.  E.g. ¾ of 36

Have a look at our ‘maths learning wall’ to see how the children have been doing this.


In Literacy we have been looking at inventions designed by Wallace (Wallace and Grommit) and Mr Plenty.  He drew a design of his invention: The Hovercycle 3000.  I think he secretly would like this when he is cycling at the weekend.

All of Year 4 drew their inventions and have been writing persuasive texts to persuade the public to buy their inventions.


These are the methods we have been learning in Year 4 to:

  • Times 3 numbers (some of us decided to skip this method and later got into difficulties, trying to do it mentally, with bigger numbers. After using the method we conquered it!)  This is called the Grid Method.
  • Adding decimals has been tricky but we have to remember to keep the decimal point in the same place. This method is: Column addition.

It is with great sadness we say goodbye to one of our classmates today.  He has been made King for his last day.

He has been part of our school community since he joined us in the nursery class.

He has been a super member of our Year 4 class: he’s a great friend to everyone, he’s polite and always tries his best in whatever he’s doing.


Today Year 4 have been looking at the grapheme ‘ure’. 

They found a ‘homophone’ sure/shore.

I am sure I heard thunder last night.

Sarah found a message in a bottle on the shore at low tide.

Other words they practised were; treasure, measure, pleasure, leisure, closure, enclosure, pressure, composure, assure, reassure and insure.


All the children in Year 4 have been working on rounding to the nearest 10 and 100. 

They have also been learning to round decimal numbers and this has been quite a challenging week for some of them.  We took this opportunity to have a look at the ‘Learning Valley’ and how it’s ok to be stuck at the bottom for a bit before beginning the climb out.

We have been collecting autumn leaves in the Conservation Area and learning about why they change colour.

We have been making leaf-rubbings and observational artwork from the natural objects we collected.

Term One

The children in Year 4 have been learning to multiply and divide by 10 and 100 by using a ‘Place Value Grid’, moving the digits to the left or the right. 

Children in Year 4 have started to bring in their home learning projects.

 We think you’ll agree they are fantastic!

C has been using the pyramid method to practice his spellings at home.

Ava started Year 4 saying; I like maths but I find it really hard.

She has been using a blank number line to help her with multiplication and division.  This is Ava’s preferred method and she’s had great success!

Yesterday, she said; “I love Maths: I can do it!

Mollie has been using the number line in the classroom to help her with multiplication and division. 

The children wrote exciting newspaper reports when the giant peach broke away from the confines of its branch!

This week we’ve also looked at hyphen-words.  Year 4, as they discover a new hyphen-word in their day, write it on the list in the classroom.

Take a look at our letter grid: how many words can you make from these letters?  What is the nine letter ADVERB?

Year 4 have been busy learning the spelling rules for adverbs (ly).

James and Jessica have conquered column addition after having a few problems yesterday. 

Their ‘Mindset’ language yesterday;  “I can’t do it yet”

Their ‘Mindset’ language today; “Yes, I’ve got it.”

Our Literacy wall shows the punctuation we have been looking at this term. 

Year 4’s have been looking at and using ‘main and subordinate clauses in their writing.

We are developing our gymnastic skills in P.E. 

Year 4 like to show the rest of the class what they have been doing and then invite one comment to say what was good and what could be improved.

Guided Reading happens every day after morning break. We have a class set of James and the Giant Peach which we are enjoying immensely.  Everyone who feels confident enough, has a go at reading out loud in class.

Every day after break we have guided reading.

Here we are today (Friday 15th September) reading our class book; James and The Giant Peach.

All the children have the opportunity to read aloud to the class.


First week's Maths working wall

Please view the curriculum overview for more information.


We will be reading James and the Giant Peach.


The Vikings


Living things and the environment




Further details can be found on the curriculum page.

This week we have started our class book James and the Giant Peach:  McKenzie and Ava took part in ‘hot seating’ and they answered questions from the class as if they were James.

Year 4 held a ballot to see who would be our new school councillors and who would be our worship committee representatives. 

The vote was extremely close and the results are as follows:

School Councillors: Jake and Mia

Worship Committee: Jessica and Kieran