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Miss Pollyanna Pearman - Reception Teacher

Mrs Elizabeth Parrott - Reception Teacher

Mrs Catherine Knowlson - Early Years Practitioner


Hello!! From Miss Judge

Hi there Reception Class, Miss Judge who is going to be your class teacher when you return to school in September has sent you a letter about all the things you have to look forward to in Year 1 click on the link below to see what she has planned..

Letter From Miss Judge


Children Learning At Home

Here is some information for parents/carers with regards to supporting your child with their learning whilst at home. Please use the timetables to structure your learning as and when it is helpful to do so. Activities and resources that we have provided for you are for your reference. They can be adapted to suit you. There is no expectation for you to complete all activities. We provide a range so that you can work with the interests of your children with resources that you may have. Whilst many of the activities are printable, they are intended as a suggestion. Please take the ideas and adapt for your own children. You do not need to use a printer to teach your children. 


Home Worship

Our Christian Value this term is Wisdom.

The link below includes some ideas for Worship that you may like to look at, whilst working with your children at home.


Learning Packs


Additional Weekly Resources

For previous weeks work, please see Additional Resources Archive on this page.


Reception Caterpillar Diaries

Today was one of the most exciting days of the transformation … our butterflies emerged from their chrysalis as beautiful butterflies. This terrific transformation is known as metamorphosis and it’s been amazing to observe.

We will be feeding the butterflies fruit and sugar water and we will be collecting some leaves and foliage for them to explore before we release them.

Reception Caterpillar Diaries


Day 7 & 8

No change yet.... The chrysalis are still hanging around!!!!

Reception Caterpillar Diaries

Day 6

The chrysalis have now hardened enough to be moved to their new home; their butterfly net.
We carefully removed the lid of the pot as the chrysalis are all attached to the lid and put it in a cardboard stand to make sure that the chrysalis are still hanging correctly.
Very slowly we move the chrysalis in their stand into the butterfly net.
We have hung the butterfly net near the window so that they get sunlight and warmth.

Reception Class Caterpillars

Before we had to close the school Reception Class were looking after 5 caterpillars. We watched them grow from just a few millimetres in length to just over 2cm’s. As they grew they got hairier and also did a lot more poo!
Now that we can’t be in school each day Mrs Parrott is looking after the caterpillars at home and taking a photo each day so that you can see how they are changing.

Day 1: The caterpillars have all moved to the top of the pot.

Day 2: The caterpillars have all started to hang upside down.

Day 3: One caterpillar has started to form its chrysalis. It looks a bit wet and sticky at the moment.

Day 4: All of the caterpillars have begun to form their chrysalis.

Day 5: All of the caterpillars are now in the chrysalis phase of their lifecycle. How long until they become butterflies?

Reception News

Term 3

Well done to all of the children in Reception. We all know some sounds we are now reading. This is a fantastic and magical stage in each child’s development. The more reading that children do at home and at school, the more they will continue to improve. Please keep up the hard work. We will be hosting a reading workshop in the near future.

Stories and Poems
We value rhymes, stories and poems really highly. Thankyou to parents that have been in to read to the class. Please let us know if this is something that you would like to do.
We really enjoyed sharing our retelling of The Little Red Hen with you and our own version of Supertato.

Other Reading 

This term we have started looking at the story of The Gingerbread man. Yum Yum!

Working together
Reception children are all up to speed on learning routines, expectations and procedures for school life. Children are demonstrating that they can share resources and work together. We are learning to all join in in keeping tidy.
We have 3 rules that we have agreed. Be safe, Be kind and Do your best. These help us to make the most of our time in school.

Home Learning
We continue to send home learning challenges home. These will come home in book bags every other week. Activities are designed to fit into family life and to enrich learning in a meaningful way. Please continue to enjoy sharing learning with your children in this way.

WOW stars
We have a stock of blank wow stars. Please let us know if you would like more. We love celebrating the children’s achievements in this way.

Parent Help
A big thankyou to all who have helped us in school over the last few terms. Many parents and friends have escorted us on trips and visits and joined in in the classroom. We are really grateful to you.

Pictures of above are included below:


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