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Curriculum Overviews

Literacy Overview

At Avonmouth CE Primary School we are committed to promoting high standards of literacy by equipping children with a strong command of the written and spoken word.

We aim to develop a love of literature by providing opportunities to read and listen to high quality written texts. During their time at our school they will work with a wide range of genres, including poetry. Each term they will develop their oral and written skills in different text types including instructions, reports, newspaper articles, explanations and diary entries. Spelling, punctuation and grammar will be taught according to the year group appendices of the new national curriculum. We recognise that spoken language underpins the development of reading and writing and we will provide opportunities across the curriculum to develop children’s confidence and competence in speaking and listening skills.


Phonics in Early Years and Key Stage 1

Learning phonics (the sounds of letters) helps children to read and write confidently. We follows the "Letters and Sounds" phonics programme at our school with carefully planned and teacher delivered whole class lessons. These sessions are held daily and follow a structured routine.

We begin teaching children to listen and hear sounds in our Nursery Class through fun and carefully planned activities, such as listening walks and playing with instruments. We aim to give children the skills to be able to distinguish between the sounds they hear in words so that they are ready for learning phonics in Reception Class.

At the core of Letters and Sounds is the vigorous teaching of synthetic phonics. Children learn the 44 common sounds in the English language and the corresponding letters/letter groups using simple physical or picture prompts and 'Jolly Phonics'. These are taught over a short period of time in short, intensive and fun lessons. As the children develop their skills, they learn how to blend the learnt sounds into words to read and write.

In addition children learn to correctly form their letters and gain confidence in their writing of simple sentences which contain words the children can sound out loud or in their head.

The children are supported in their reading through phonetically readable books that are sent home weekly.

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Maths Overview

At Avonmouth CE Primary our approach to maths teaching and learning aims to promote enjoyment and curiosity about the subject across the curriculum and in maths lessons.

Children are taught to reason mathematically, through enquiry and problem solving approaches, which become increasing complex over time. We encourage children to articulate their thinking and demonstrate their understanding through careful recording of their ideas. Manipulatives are available in all maths lessons, in all year groups, so that conceptual understanding is embedded before the children are expected to apply and/or abstract their skills in order to solve problems. A variety of teaching styles are used in order to ensure that every child can become fluent in the fundamentals of mathematics. Individual targets are set and shared with the children so they are aware of the steps they need to take in order to progress.

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