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Summer Reading Challenge 2020             Summer Reading Challenge 2020             Summer Reading Challenge 2020            Summer Reading Challenge 2020

Hello there parents and children,

We hope you have been managing to keep up with your reading while you have been learning from home and have read some brilliant books. This year's reading challenge from the libraries is called Join The Silly Squad and there are lots of fun activities and resources on the website. So why not sign up and see how many books you can read before September. Happy reading!

Class Bubbles

The children currently working in school have produced some fantastic art and displayed them around school.

"Bubble 2" have been enjoying topics on Outer Space, making their own solar systems. They have also looked at the artists, Van Gogh and Monet, making some excellent copies of famous pictures!!!

"Bubble 3" have produced a great display showing silhouette artwork with "Light to Dark" painted backgrounds, They also placed iconic scenes and decorated balloons on similar painted backgrounds. "Stupendous Squirrels"  have also been made by the children to watch over them in the classroom!!

"Bubble 5" is one of our newest bubbles, In a short space of time they have worked hard on several topics providing some amazing artwork, which they have displayed in their classroom. They have drawn fantastic Gorilla pictures as  part of a maths symmetry lesson, Painted and designed pieces of wonderful work for their "Art of Living" display and displayed their own hand drawn interpretations of "The life cycle of a flower". 


Please click on the images below.

At our school we are very fortunate to have fantastic outside areas, which means our "Bubbles" can still actively enjoy breaktimes and outside learning, we are very lucky to have our own conservation area, which, over the years the children have helped to develop into a large wooded area, with trails, a base camp, grassy clearings and a large pond, which provides a great amount of tadpoles!!!

Bubble 4 have spent some time in the conservation area this week (Week 13) building dens, they had a great time, collecting the materials from around the area and whilst socially distancing, helped each other to complete the task with amazing results!!!!

Please click on the images below.

Whilst some children are still learning at home more children have returned to school, the children have adapted exceptionally well to not only being in different classes to those of their friends but also interacting with different teachers and support staff.
The children are even making their new "Bubbles" more personal, by adding their work to class wall displays...

"Bubble 4" have produced this great display, showing their amazing art project from last week. (Week 10)

Home Learning

We have received a fantastic response with regards to the families of our children sharing pictures of the brilliant learning they are doing at home. The children have been very busy, writing, fact finding, practising their maths skills and using their DT knowledge to build instruments and bug houses .Cooking also seems to be a very important skill the children have enjoyed.

Please keep sending your work in, we love to see what amazing learning you are doing at home.

Below are some examples of the great work we have received over the past few weeks. If you would like to see more of the children's work please take a look at our class pages. 


A very big "Hello" to all the children and families of Avonmouth C of E Primary School, we wish you well.

Photographs used with permission 2020 

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If you think you are eligible for free school meals please click on the following link:


A very warm welcome to Avonmouth C.E. Primary School & Daisy's Nursery.

Avonmouth Church of England Primary School & Nursery is situated in Avonmouth village and welcomes children from Nursery through to Year Six. Please take a look through the information on the website. We are extremely proud of our school and are delighted to celebrate the successes and achievements of all members of our school community.

We have high expectations for all the children in our school, both academically and behaviourally, and strive to meet the needs of every child.

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Are you a from a non-UK EU country? Bristol has 21,000 non-UK EU citizens living, working and studying in the city. The Government has advised that all non-UK EU citizens must apply for the EU Settlement Scheme.  To help protect the rights of EU citizens in our school community post-Brexit, we would like to make you aware of the scheme. All the information can be found on the following website -

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Are you looking for a Nursery Place?  We offer 15 and 30 hour fully funded places.  Call the school office to arrange a visit.


 Breakfast Club

To enhance our safeguarding procedures everyone attending breakfast club (Children & Adults) must sign in at the school office on arrival.

Breakfast will continue to be served from 8.15-8.35am.  All children and adults must leave the dining hall when the bell goes at 8.40am.

At 8.40am, children can go straight out on to the playground, parents/carers will need to sign out at the school office.  For Health & Safety reasons, it is not possible for parents/carers to remain in Breakfast Club after 8.40am.

Thank you for your support with this.



PTFA - Friends of Avonmouth volunteers needed!

We are hoping to recruit some more volunteers to support us with key events over the year.  Without your help we struggle to do this.  If you are able to help please let Mrs Webb, Mr Barlow or the School Office know.



Eco Team News 


We are taking part in an exciting new recycling project.

Eco-bricks use lots of small non-recyclables such as crisp packets, cling film, 

cellophane wrappers, bread bags, etc... 

All you need is an empty plastic drinks bottle and a long-handled wooden spoon (or stick) to compact the materials.


Go to for further details. They need to be very compacted solid and heavy when they are finished complete with a lid.

When you have finished your eco-brick bring it to school and we can use it to build a project or take it to the Bristol collection point.  


Safer Internet Day

Each year we recognise Safer Internet Day as part of our annual safeguarding plan.  The theme, nationally, for this year is "Together for a better internet."  Children across the school will be taking part in workshops and activities in class and we hope that parents and carers will take part at home too. is a great website which has a range of resources including conversation starters, fun and engaging activities to do with your children to help them think about being safe and positive online, how to create an Internet Safety Plan for your household and various fact sheets. 


Safeguarding News

Mr Barlow recently attended an Online Safety Conference which focused on potential risks from children's online activity, how best to support children with remaining safe online and also the positive aspects that technology can bring.  As ever, our main safeguarding message for parents, remains to be the importance of fostering trust and an honest dialogue between family members around the use of technology.  The risks to children are greater if they feel unable to talk to trusted adults like parents and teachers about their internet use. We recommend you spending time understanding what Youtube videos your child is watching, ensuring you know what your child may be hearing if they are gaming online and using headsets to communicate.  Please remember to discuss any E-Safety concerns with Mr Barlow, our Safeguarding Lead.  


Water bottle and healthy snack

We have noticed that some children have been bringing other drinks in to school other than water.  As a school, we are committed to healthy eating and helping the children to establish good habits with what they eat and drink.  Therefore we kindly ask that children bringing in drinks bottles, either for drinking in class or at lunchtime, have them filled with water.  No other drinks are permitted in school.  Children in Nursery, Reception and Key Stage One receive a daily piece of fruit as part of the government scheme.  Children in Key Stage Two are welcome to bring in a healthy snack to eat at playtime.  This should be a healthy snack - preferably fruit.  Thank you for your support.  


Mrs Wood's latest book review 

The Legend of Podkin One-Ear by Kieran Larwood

Although Podkin is the son of a chieftain, when we meet him at the beginning of the book he likes nothing more than lazing around and annoying his older sister. But when his home is attacked by the terrifying Gorm he has to leave his home, protect is family and try to defeat the most horrifying enemy rabbits have ever encountered.

The description of rabbit life and the environment is really captivating and detailed – you really feel like you are there. If you like rabbits, magic and adventure stories, you will love this book. It is a bit scary so I would recommend it for Year 4 upwards. And there are 2 more books in this Five Realms series to read next!

Mrs Wood 


See the source image


Reading Volunteers 

Do you, or a family member, have some spare time during the school day?  We are looking for some more volunteers to come in and hear children read throughout the school.  Reading is such an important skill and providing the chance to read to someone else is great for the children and can help to develop their reading abilities.  If you are able to help, please let your class teacher know.  Mrs McAndrew, our Reading Lead, will be running sessions for all volunteers over the next couple of weeks.  All help is greatly appreciated by the children and staff.  In line with our Safeguarding policy, all regular volunteers will be subject to a DBS check. 


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