At Avonmouth C of E Primary School and Nursery, our vision puts the children at the centre of everything that we do. Situated alongside the mouth of the River Avon and the Severn Estuary, our strong school vision links to living by the river and that all children should be able to prosper and flourish. It is underpinned by Psalm 1:3 ‘They are like trees planted along the riverbank, bearing fruit each season. Their leaves never wither and they prosper in all they do.’ We understand prospering to mean that all children will be given the opportunities to fulfil their potential. We have high aspirations for every child and we want to help them to be caring, confident and curious young people, with a passion for learning and the ability to achieve their potential.

Our curriculum enables us to build strong relationships, celebrate diversity, encourage respect and build a sense of community. It provides and acknowledges success for all children, in all aspects of their development and it recognises, encourages and celebrates all types of talent. We encourage children to ask the ‘big questions’ and give them the freedom to explore. This then develops their ability to solve problems and creates independence and resilience.

Our Avonmouth School Values, PSHE lessons and Collective Worship promote positive attitudes which help children to develop their moral compass and the skills needed for future learning and success. We have 4 core principles: be safe, be kind, be fair and be your best. Our core values are: respect, compassion, courage, hope, friendship and stewardship.

Teamwork and responsibility are an essential part of our curriculum and we enable children to take on key roles, becoming involved in the community, through celebration of local traditions, by learning new skills and enabling them to take an active part in events throughout the year.

Our curriculum follows the National Curriculum (found here) and has been designed to ensure that all children have deep memorable learning experiences, with some fun along the way. Our children leave Avonmouth C of E Primary School and Nursery with a sense of belonging and are proud that they have developed the confidence and skills needed to be learners for life.  They will also understand how to learn well to enable them to go on to success in the future.


We aim to

  • Recognise every child’s uniqueness and help them to prosper and reach their potential
  • Enable children to learn knowledge, skills and understanding through our bespoke curriculum
  • Offer a range of opportunities that will engage, challenge, inspire and develop our children.
  • Help children understand where they fit in the world by developing their own moral compass
  • Inspire children to care for the world around them
  • Create caring, confident and curious children
  • Prepare children to be ready to approach their next stage in their own learning journey


Our full curriculum can be found here: Whole School Curriculum


We have just begun to introduce Little Wandle Phonics. Please follow the link to help support your child with learning their sounds.