Herons Class - Year 3

Mr G. Kirke - Class Teacher 

Mrs T Symes - Learning Support Assistant


Welcome to year 3!
I am Mr Kirke and will be teaching Heron Class this year. I love reading and we will be looking forward to a range of class books. 
My favourite subject is Science and I'm really looking forward to as many practical experiments as possible!

Cave Painting

Heron class have been looking at cave paintings as part of our Stone Age to Iron Age topic. We looked at the forms of cave painting to begin with and had a go at recreating them with paint and paintbrush.

Cave Painting - image 0
Cave Painting - image 1
Cave Painting - image 2
Cave Painting - image 3

Afterwards we collected blackberries in the conservation area and crushed them to get the juice to use as our own natural pigment. Everyone had the opportunity to use the ‘paint’ to draw something on the green container or to simply leave a hand print for the rest of the school to see at play times.