Avonmouth C of E School and Nursery

Bluebells Class Year 1

Ms A. Craig & Mr M. Plenty - Class Teachers

Mrs J Giles - Learning Support Assistant



Hello and welcome to our Year 1 page. You can use this page to see our wonderful learning, we hope to show you lots of pictures of the fun things we get up to.

Term 5

We have been very busy with our learning, this term.  We have worked hard on Maths that was new to us, achieved some fantastic writing in Literacy andwe/ve all been working hard in our Phonics and Reading.


This term we have been looking at Arrays, and learning that they are super helpful at helping us to group objects together making counting easier. We had an array search around the classroom. We were surprised at how many we found!!

Find Half of Amounts

We have also been learning about “Half” and how a half is 1 of 2 equal parts when put together they make a whole. We started looking at shapes and then looked at amounts using counters and blocks, we looked at different ways to show “Half”. 


In class we read the story “The Smeds and the Smoos” by Julia Donaldson, the story is about 2 different species of Aliens who want to be friends but their families won’t let them. They run away and their families visit different planets looking for them. We designed our own planets drawing them beautifully and labelling them. We all had some brilliant ideas and some were “out of this world”.


On Fridays we visit the conservation area for “Forest School” Mr Plenty and Mrs Giles asked us to go and find plants and flowers that were growing, we found wild plants and some pretty flowers. We didn't pick any, leaving them to grow and provide food for the local wildlife such as birds, bees and other insects.

Term 4

 Term 4 has been a very busy term, please look at our pictures to see what we have been up to. 


During this term not only have we looked at Subtraction & Measuring we have been looking at all the things we already know, it was fun to realise how much we had already learned.


First we used cubes to measure objects in the classroom. Next, we learned how to use a ruler to measure accurately in centimetres.


Cubes were useful to help us find the difference and solve the subtraction problems. We counted up from the smaller number to the bigger number to find the difference.


In Literacy Bluebells have loved reading about the adventures of “Traction Man” and his bristly side kick “Scrubbing Brush” we have enjoyed several of the stories written by Mini Grey.

Traction Man (Scenes)

Mini Grey also draws the amazing illustrations in her Traction Man stories, we made up our own scenes to write about, bringing in toys from home to help us. “Traction Man to the RESCUE!!!”

Traction Man (Writing)

Wow!! Just look at our amazing ideas and writing about Traction Man. Bluebells are writing Superheros!

RE - Baptisms

In our RE lessons we have been looking at  Baptism’s and Christenings, we first looked at the stories about John The Baptist baptising Jesus and then we looked at how we may be christened today, in a church, with our parents and godparents stood around a font.

We pretended to hold a christening in class, some of us were parents and others were godparents. We used a doll as a baby. Some of us were able to tell stories of our own christenings others of us were unsure and wanted to go home and check with their families.

Tree Planting

Year 1 - Bluebells planted fruit trees on the edge of the school field.

Year 5 – Dragonflies planted other tree species such as Oak and Alder. These trees were kindly donated to the school by the Oakupy Project.

All the children in the school are going to look after the trees. We hope they grow big and strong to provide homes, food and shelter to a variety of wildlife.

Balloons (DT)

We made paper mache hot air balloons. It was very messy and extremely hard work. It took us a long time to complete all the layers but we did it in the end.

Balloons (Art)

We looked at the artwork of welsh artist Rhiannon, who likes to paint bright and colourful pictures, some of her work shows pictures of balloons. We designed our own Hot Air Balloons, maybe one day we’ll see them in the sky??


Term 3

Chinese New Year

We had a really great day learning all about Chinese New Year, we made masks and lanterns and even made Dancing Dragons. We practised a dance and performed it, Miss Craig was super impressed at how good we were at working as part of a team.

Below are some pictures of the activities that we enjoyed.


We have been practising how to write our numbers correctly, we used the multi link cubes to help us. We have also been recognising and counting the numbers within 1-20. We investigated "What does each digit mean in the number 12?"

Number Formation

Place Value And Counting Within 20

Phonics & Writing

In Phonics we are continuing to learn new sounds to help us with our reading and writing. The picture below is of some of the sounds we know!! We have been learning to write sentences that begin with a capital letter and end with a full stop. Our writing has finger spaces between each word and is on the line.

Fire Service Visit 

On Wednesday 20th October the Fire Service very kindly came to visit us at school. They brought their Fire Truck, parking it in the playground and set the sirens off!! They were loud but it was very exciting. We spent some time in the school hall learning what the Fire Officers do when attending fires, we were able to try on the protective outfits, they were heavy!! They also taught us about STOP!! DROP!! & ROLL!! which is something very important to remember if ever our clothes catch on fire.

Classroom Displays

 We love to display our fantasatic learning on the classroom walls, it reminds us of what we are currently learning and makes the classroom a bright and happy place, below are some pictures from this term.

Class Newsletter