Avonmouth C of E School and Nursery

Special Education Needs and Disabilities (SEND)

 SEND Leader - Miss Kate Tector

SEND Identification Flowchart

At Avonmouth CE Primary School, we aim to be fully inclusive to all children's needs. We strive to ensure that all children leave our school as inspired happy children who have a zest for learning, despite any barriers they may experience.

We believe all children to be individual and those who have additional needs work towards their own targets from their personal provision plan (or PPP). Each child also has a 'One Page Profile' (OPP) that gives a brief overview of their strengths, likes, what others like about them and how others can help them. Children contribute to both of these and parents are consulted regularly.

If you have any questions, queries or wish to dicuss any concerns with your child, please do not hesitate to contact me at kate.tector@bristol-schools.uk or call the school office to arrange a meeting.

At Avonmouth CE Primary School children are identified as having SEND in a variety of ways including the following:

  • Concerns raised by a parent
  • Liaison with the child’s nursery school/ previous school
  • Concerns raised by the child’s class teacher e.g. the child is performing below age expected level
  • Liaison with outside agencies e.g. a speech and language therapist
  • Health diagnosis from a paediatrician

The school will always gain parental consent before involving outside agencies in diagnosing a child’s learning difficulties. The child’s class teacher will oversee, plan and work with each child with SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disabilities) in their class to ensure they are making progress in every area of the curriculum. Our Inclusion Lead/SENCo oversees all the support that is offered to children requiring additional support across the school. There may a Learning Support Assistant (LSA) working with your child either individually or as part of a small group.

Your child’s class teacher will meet with you at least three times a year (this could be as part of a Parent’s Evening) to discuss your child’s needs, support and progress.

The support your child will be given and how often it will happen during the school week will be explained to parents by the class teacher at these meetings. You  can also meet with the Inclusion Lead/SENCo if you’d like to (this could also be part of a Parent’s Evening).

Work in class is differentiated so that all children can access a lesson and learn at their level. Typically this might mean that in a lesson there might be three different levels of work set for the class. However if a child’s needs mean that it is required , then work can be individually differentiated.

The benefit of this type of differentiation is that all children can access a lesson and learn at their own level. In a very small minority of cases children may follow individual programmes of work for parts of the school day.  Our teaching staff and support staff are highly skilled and trained in meeting the needs of children with SEND. The training they receive is ongoing.

We welcome parent/carer views on how we support learning for any child who has Special Needs. There is a SEND Parents Forum, which meets once a term. If you are interested in joining the forum please contact the school office.


To view the SEND report, please click here.

To view our SEND policy, please click here.


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