About the PTFA

PTFA stands for Parents, Teachers and Friends Association. Every member of staff and every parent who has a child who attends Avonmouth C of E primary School are automatically part of the PTFA. We have a board of committee members who have been elected by staff and parents. 


These members organise fundraising events like the Summer Fayre, discos and Christmas Fayre. The funds raised at these events can then be used in many ways, for example, buying new sports equipment or musical instruments. The committee members will hand out questionnaires to staff and parents for suggestions and these idea will then be taken to a vote at a committee meeting.

Once a year we hold an AGM, (Annual general Meeting) and ask that as many staff members and parents attend as possible. At this meeting the committee will make any adjustments to the constitution needed, propose new people who wish to be elected for a leadership role with the committee. The chair will address the attendees and let them all know how well the PTFA did with raising funds the year before, what the money was spent on and ask for opinions.


Who's who?


Chair - Ali White

Vice Chair -  

Secretary -  Amy Parkin

Treasurer -  Trudi Webb

Social Media -

School Contact - Kim O'Connor


Class Representatives

Nursery -

Reception- Ashley Martin

Yr 1 - Esther Mutahinduka

Year 2 - Linda Gould

Year 3 - Hazel

Year 4 - Sarah Behenna

Year 5 - 

Year 6 - 


Headteacher - Jessica Peach

General Committee Member - Joanne Giles

General Committee Member - Amy Paddock

General Committee Member - Lucy Salahi-ali

General Committee Member - Emma Harvey

General Committee Member - Nicola Harvey

General Committee Member - Kate Tector

General Committee Member - Trudi Webb

General Committee Member - Kim O'Connor

General Committee Member - Amy Parkin


How can you help?

If you are interested in becoming a committee member whether it be with a more formal role or a general member please contact the school office who will pass your details on.

If you would like to just help here and there please get in contact Georgina Dimambro or Ali White via the School Office.  The PTFA appreciate all the help they can get