Established in 2005, Steve Sliney had prior been working in the recycling sector and later worked with a community furniture project. Because of this background, he noticed how much quality commercial furniture and equipment was going to waste.

Although there were a lot of projects able to help householders reuse domestic furniture and equipment, there was not enough around to help businesses and other organisations.

Consequently, Collecteco is a solution that fulfills that demand.

Collecteco’s mission is simple: to help organisations donate furniture, equipment, and materials to good causes.

We have been working with CollectEco for the last few years and received donations of unwanted furniture for the school.  The most recent donation was for 13 metal pedestals which will be used to store science equipment.

When we are in need of new furniture CollectEco is always top of our list.  We have also been able to donate items to them.